Christmas Memories

🎄✨ Santa'Ville's Heartfelt Christmas Instagram Gala! ✨🎄

Warm Winter Greetings from Santa'Ville! At the heart of Santa'Ville, we cherish the magic of Christmas. It's not just a season; it's a feeling, a memory, and a story waiting to be told. We believe in the power of shared moments, the joy of giving, and the warmth of community. This year, we want to celebrate YOU, our cherished customers, who make every Christmas at Santa'Ville truly special.


Let's come together in the spirit of the season! Share your cherished Christmas moments with the Santa'Ville family on Instagram, and let's weave a tapestry of joy, love, and festive memories.

🌟 Steps to Share Your Christmas Magic:

  • Wander into any Santa'Ville store across Canada and be greeted by our festive campaign posters, each crafted with love.
  • Illuminate Instagram with your cherished Christmas memories. Be it a nostalgic photo, a heartwarming video, or a tale of yuletide joy, let it radiate positivity and the true essence of Christmas.
  • Gracefully tag our official Instagram account @santavilleshop and sprinkle in the hashtag #SantaVilleStories.
  • For those curious souls, scan our QR code to be guided to a special corner of our website, detailing the contest's intricacies.

🎁 Treasures Await:

  • Heartfelt Gift Cards
  • Thoughtful Surprise Gifts
  • Handpicked Christmas Special Giveaways
  • Toys, crafted with love and joy!

🔔 Announcement Bells:

Our dedicated Santa'Ville "Elfs" team, with hearts full of anticipation, will unveil the winners on December 19th on our Instagram page.

❄️ The Gentle Snowprint (Rules & Policies):

  • Eligibility: Open to all beloved patrons of Santa'Ville in Canada. Our hardworking elves and their kin are cheering from the sidelines this time!
  • Entry Limit: Share as many heartwarming moments as your heart desires, but each entrant can bask in the winner's glow only once.
  • Selection Process: Winners will be chosen through a random draw, with each entry being treated as a precious snowflake.
  • Resharing: By participating, you're allowing Santa'Ville to embrace and share your festive content, spreading warmth and joy.
  • Prize Collection: Embark on a journey to your nearest Santa'Ville store within 30 days of the announcement to embrace your prize. Unclaimed treasures will find a home next Christmas.
  • Privacy: Your details are nestled safely, like a snowflake in a snowglobe. We promise not to let them drift away.
  • Disqualification: Let's keep the festive spirit alive and kind! Any actions dimming the festive glow may lead to disqualification.
  • Notification: If you're one of the chosen ones, a special festive message will find its way to your Instagram DMs.

Note: This heartwarming endeavor is a Santa'Ville special and is not in collaboration with the elves over at Instagram.

🍪 A Thought, Warm as Cocoa: Perhaps we could spotlight a few "Santa'Ville's Cherished Tales" – stories that touch our hearts, even if they don't clinch the top prizes. A little gesture to show we value every shared memory.