Covid Response

Safety measures at Santa’Ville

The well-being and safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority. We have implemented safety measures and protocols to ensure you have a pleasant and safe shopping experience with us.

Masks – All of Santa’Ville members will be required to wear masks at all times. We will provide all of our team members with facial masks as well as gloves (wearing gloves, however, is optional). We also request all of our shoppers to wear masks to our locations. We must think and act as a community; keep ourselves and each other safe.

Face shields – Santa’Ville will also provide all of its team members with face shields. However, face shields are not mandatory. We care for the safety of our team members as well as our shopping guests. To add an additional precaution, we will make face shields available to those that require it.

Sanitizing stations – Santa’Ville is well known for its fun kiosk design as well as in-line stores. We will have two sanitizing stations at our kiosks and four sanitizing stations at our stores. We have made it mandatory for all of our staff members to sanitize frequently throughout the day. We will also give customers access to our sanitizing stations.

Cleanliness – We understand the importance of a clean environment for the safety of our employees and guests, thus, we have enhanced our cleaning measures. Our staff will be trained to clean and sterilize all surfaces with alcohol-based wipes frequently throughout the day (This includes debit machine apparatus and till). We will also keep our products clean by wiping down with alcohol-based materials.

Social distancing – We do not underestimate the importance of maintaining social distance for the safety of our members and shoppers. Our staff will be trained to maintain and restrict traffic at our kiosks and stores so that everyone is observing social distancing. We understand that it will be a challenge to control traffic at a kiosk, but we have measures put in place to maintain the number of people allowed to shop at our kiosk at any given time.

Redirecting Traffic – Santa’Ville’s staff members will be trained to redirect customers and monitor traffic at store to make your shopping experience safe and fun. Our members will be trained to efficiently direct traffic so that you are able to shop easily, safely and save time all at once.

Frequent Temperature Checks – We have implemented measures to monitor the well being of our team members. All of our staff members will be required to have their temperatures checked prior to starting a shift. We foster confidence in our team members and encourage them to be transparent with us. We have implemented temperature checking to further make our work environment safe for both our staff members and shoppers.





Shopping made SAFE and EASY for you


Kiosk and In-line Stores

Santa’Ville will be completely operational this season. All of our locations will be up and running as usual with safety protocols in place. Please refer to Safety measures at Santa’Ville for further clarification.


Pick Up and Go

To beat waiting time, you can order your goodies online and pick them up at store! We guarantee that your orders will be ready for pick up within minutes of placing orders. To pick up and go, simply find the closest location to you.  We advise you to contact the location to ensure that your order is ready for pick up prior to visiting the mall.


Shop at Home

We cater to all our shoppers’ needs and wants. You can shop online and have your goodies delivered to you. Please keep in mind that online orders take 5-7 business days to be delivered to you.



Lastly, we love your feedback! We encourage you to contact us if you have any further concerns or questions. Contact our team and tell us how we can improve your shopping experience at Santa’Ville.

The world is in an everchanging state, but our commitment to your safety and a good experience will never change. We look forward to being a part of your holiday tradition this year! Together we can get through these trying times.