4 Delicious Holiday Decorations You Can Eat

4 Delicious Holiday Decorations You Can Eat
Taimour Shahid

What’s more fun than decorating the Christmas tree?

If you are a baker who loves spending time in the kitchen, it could be DIY holiday decorations you can eat! Children and adults alike will love turning fun crafts into edible ornaments and garlands. Santa'Ville has collected the top 4 ideas.

So, let’s get decorating!

  1. Old-fashioned Popcorn Garland

 Have you ever watched classic Christmas movies where the tree was decorated with popcorn on a string? This is a timeless tradition for many families. In the 1800’s, people wouldn’t buy mass-produced plastic decorations; instead, they preferred handmade items. With a needle and thread, popcorn, fruits, and nuts would be hung either on a tree and later eaten or put outside for the birds.

 Today, this humble tradition carries on! Santa'Ville blog readers can join in. Simply prepare a bowl of plain stovetop popcorn the day before (and eat it fresh). Then, with whatever is leftover, string the popped kernels along 5 – 10 feet of thread or fishing line.

 Want to get extra creative? Add cranberries for a dash of color.


  1. Gingerbread Houses

 Gingerbread houses are probably the most iconic holiday decoration you can eat. There is something magical about carefully assembling these delicious miniature buildings. You have two choices: buy a premade kit or become an engineer and go the totally DIY route. Let’s start with the first option.

 Check that you have: graham crackers, royal icing (to help the walls “stick” together), lots of candies like M&M’s, skittles, gumdrops, peppermints, or whatever other type of candy you enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to add little gingerbread men! 

 When set on a cabinet, behind glass, as a centrepiece on the dining room table, or in a window, gingerbread houses make gorgeous displays. Plus, they’re 100% edible.  


  1. Ice-cream Cone Christmas Tree

 This is a wonderful activity to do with kids. And they look super cute.

Start by mixing up a bowl of frosting with green food coloring. Then, turn each individual ice-cream cone upside down so that the pointy end is facing up. Cover in frosting. Try to eliminate all bare spots because the candy won’t stick to dry cone. Next, thoughtfully place mini candy “bulbs” all around your tree. Red licorice works well too.

 Voila! An adorable forest of trees ready to display – and eat – just in time for Christmas.


  1. Candy Cane Snowflake

Looking for an impressive piece of artwork that’s also a sugary treat?

Nothing beats the delicate beauty of a candy cane snowflake. You will need: 18 red and white candy canes of the same size, clear tape, and a piece of ribbon for hanging.

Take two candy canes and hold together with the curvy part facing out. Tape alone the stem. Do the same with each remaining pair until you have nine sets. Then place in a circle. This creates a wreath. Secure with tape and hang on the door for a sweet holidays decoration that looks great and tastes even better.

Bonus tip: a candy cane wreath won’t go stale. It can last all throughout the month of December and makes a yummy gift.

 All of us here at Santa'Ville hope you enjoy these delicious DIY holiday decorations!


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