A List of Quarantine Christmas Gift Ideas

A List of Quarantine Christmas Gift Ideas
Santa Ville

This Christmas season is one for the books, literally. The year 2020 has been a time-warped whirlwind through some kind of nightmare. So, when the entire world is advising on staying home and sticking to celebrating the holidays within your households, we oblige.

 By Poroma Sharma

With various lockdowns, we are now well-versed practitioners of the stay-at-home order. However, this year it may not be possible to celebrate with extended family and friends, and we don’t want to miss out on the holiday spirit of gift giving!

 We at Santa’Ville know how much it matters to people to reach out, interact with, and give gifts to friends and family beyond just your households.

 We put together a list of unique QUARANTINE CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS; gift giving options that are safe to do this year.





Amazon delivery is in most cases extremely reliable and dependable, and a great way to shop from the comfort of your own home, and ship it directly to whomever you’re giving it to! Here are some neat gifts on Amazon.ca (with links).


  1. Baby hand/foot stamp kit to capture a special memory for a lifetime!

  1. An aesthetic assorted tea/coffee kit for them to taste some new things over the holidays!



  1. A Mr. and Mrs. cup set doesn’t only have to be for weddings and engagements.

  1. A portable lap-desk to perch up and comfortably work from anywhere in the house.





Most businesses now offer gift cards that you can pick up and easily mail in a regular envelope. But why not get more creative? Here are some other neat gift ideas that’ll also support local businesses.


  1. Order a takeout feast from your favourite spot to eat together, on a food delivery app (Uber, SkipTheDishes, Doordash etc.) and have the order delivered to the gift recipient’s address! Make sure you let them know ahead of time to expect it.

  2. A porch drop-off to a friend or family, with a locally in-store purchased gift is a wonderful way to say hello from a distance, and also buy from a local shop that may not have online ordering services.

  3. Find a local handy-craft gift from public and local online marketplaces like Kijiji.ca and Facebook Marketplace, and drop off or mail out the gift to your loved ones! This’ll help support local handy-crafters and freelancers.

  4. Search up a local gift delivery service in your area, similar to Edible Arrangements, or any other local company that creates and delivers the gift, and send it along.





Gifts don’t have to be big. So, go ahead and scour our list of things you can easily fit into an envelope and mail out to loved ones this holiday season!


  1. Homemade or store-bought unique bookmarks

  2. A homemade coupon for a service you’re willing to offer them, like shoveling the snow for them one day, or pet-sitting/watering their plants when they’re away. Think acts of service that don’t require any personal interactions. Write it down or print it on cards and mail it!

  3. Write down the recipe of a dish they love that you make! Slip it into an envelope and mail it out.

  4. Tuck in any small item or product that’s flat and lightweight. Custom keyrings, a small chain or necklace, printed reusable masks that can easily fold in, or a small PERSONALIZED ORNAMENT FROM Santa'Ville, all make for great thoughtful gifts that can fit into an envelope.


Happy Quarantine Gift Giving this Christmas, from Santa’Ville.


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