Why You Will Never Catch Santa

Why You Will Never Catch Santa
Taimour Shahid

Have you ever stayed up late, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus?

Every year, millions of children all around the world try to spot Santa. They leave out milk and cookies, listen for the sound of reindeer hooves clicking on the roof, and even go so far as to set up traps around the Christmas tree!

But Santa has a reputation for being notoriously difficult to catch. In fact, to this day nobody has ever successfully “caught” the big man in red.

After all, he’s a busy guy. Santa has been doing his job of delivering presents for hundreds of years – he’s a pro by now! Santa Claus knows exactly what to do, how to get in and out of houses undetected, and hardly ever wakes up sleeping children (or adults).

There’s just no way you’ll nab him!

Here at Santa’Ville, we know how tempting it can be to try catch Santa. However, if you want to see Santa in person, it’s best to book an appointment.

Here’s why.

Catching Santa is Impossible Because…

  1. Santa knows how to tiptoe


Now, you might think that it would be easy to hear Santa, since he stomps around in boots. But that’s not true. Santa is as quiet as a mouse. Just like his reindeer, sleigh, and bag of presents, Santa’s boots are magical. They don’t make any noise when he walks around – not even on hardwood floors!


You might be a light sleeper and wake up easily, however the chances of hearing Santa enter your house are slim. Ever wonder why dogs don’t bark when Santa arrives? Well, it’s because they don’t hear him at all. He’s like a Christmas ninja! Totally silent.


Because of this, you’ll never catch Santa.


  1. He sees you when you’re sleeping (and knows when your awake)


Speaking of sleeping, here’s another reason why Santa is impossible to catch: he knows when you are awake. In addition to knowing whether little boys and girls have behaved good or bad all year long, Santa also has the ability to tell who is fast asleep in their beds before he visits a home. If you are hiding in a closet or under the Christmas tree hoping to spot him, Santa will know.


Therefore, Santa’Ville recommends going to bed early on Christmas eve. Put on your pajamas. Get snug under the blankets. Close your eyes, dream happy dreams, and wait until morning to see all the wonderful gifts Santa delivered!


  1. He is too fast


Lastly, you won’t be able to catch Santa because he is just too fast. With millions of presents to deliver in under 24 hours, Santa follows a tight schedule. He spends less than two minutes per house. The first 60 seconds are used for reading letters, drinking a glass of milk, and gobbling down cookies. The next minute is for placing gifts under the tree.


Even if you are quick, Santa is lightning fast. 

Want to See Santa? Do this Instead

The best way to spot Santa?

Visit your local shopping centre in the weeks leading up to Christmas. And be sure to stop by a Santa’Ville location while you are there for fun gift ideas.  

Santa Claus may be too busy to see you on Christmas eve, but he loves talking to children in the months before Christmas. Don’t forget, you can always write Santa a letter, too!

To learn how, click here.

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