What Santa Does in the Summer

What Santa Does in the Summer
Taimour Shahid

Have you ever wondered what Santa Claus does during the summer?

Although the month of December is very busy for Santa, once all the gifts are made, wrapped, and delivered, he still has to stay busy for the remaining eleven months of the year. What does Santa spend all that time doing? Where does he go in July and August?

Well, when he’s not at the North Pole (or visiting his friends at Santa’Ville) here is how Santa Claus likes to spend his summer. 

  1. Santa goes on vacation


Brrr…The North Pole is a chilly place to live! As much as Santa loves his snowy Arctic home, at least once per year he likes to jump in the sleigh and head down to a tropical destination. In July and August, Santa packs his red and green swim shorts and books two months of vacation on a beach – usually in Hawaii, Thailand, or Australia.


He also really enjoys camping. If your family ever visits campgrounds in Ontario, Canada, there is always a chance that the happy bearded man in the tent next to you is Santa Claus! If you hear somebody singing Christmas carols around a bonfire…it’s definitely him.


  1. He spends quality time with Mrs. Claus


Next, Santa uses part of the summer to spend time with his wife, Mrs. Claus. Remember, she is busy all year too. Mrs. Claus is responsible for baking cookies, scheduling the elves, looking after the reindeer, etc. Once the busy Christmas season is over, she likes to relax with Santa at their home in The North Pole. 


  1. Santa Claus plans which toys will be popular


Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean all Santa’s work is finished, however! He still has lots to do. That includes researching which toys will be popular and in-demand the following year so that he can inform his team of elves what to build. This means Santa Claus spends a good chunk of his summer listening to children (like you) to see what they want to play with.


Santa must also know what movies and games are popular, so he watches tv and sees new movies in the theatre.


That’s how he figures out what all the kids will ask for next year!


  1. Santa makes a list and checks it twice


And finally, Santa uses July and August to work on his Naughty or Nice List. Children need to be good for 12 months a year, and therefore Santa is always watching/listening to decide who gets a spot on his list. He has to find all the names, write them down, check for spelling errors, and run reports in order to see who is behaving nicely…or who has made a mistake a done something naughty.


However, there is good news. Santa checks his list twice. So, if maybe you did something a little bad– oops – just be sure to behave extra good for the rest of the year!

Santa Can’t Wait to See You Next Christmas

Just like us, Santa takes vacation time too.

He isn’t always building toys up in the North Pole or working with us at Santa’Ville. He works very hard all year long and takes a well-earned break in the summer. But don’t worry!

Santa is always thinking about Christmas and can’t wait to see you again next year.
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