All About Caring for Your Magical Reindeer

All About Caring for Your Magical Reindeer
Taimour Shahid

Reindeer are magical creatures.

Those of you who have met Santa’s reindeer probably already know that there are two types of reindeer: the normal “caribou” type that lives in a herd in the wild, and the enchanted ones who belong to Santa Clause and live in The North Pole. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

They include: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and of course, our favourite Rudolph.

Now, today we won’t be learning about how to care for wild reindeer. These animals live in the forest and don’t need human help. Instead, Santa’Ville is here with some tips on how to properly raise a magical reindeer.

Who knows?

Maybe one day Santa Claus himself will ask you for help!


Firstly, know about a reindeer’s diet

Regular caribou forage in the wild for food, such as: leaves, plants, shrubs, moss, and mushrooms. They are vegetarians that subsist on greenery. Unlike domesticated reindeer, wild caribou live in the woods in herds of several tens of thousands.

On the other hand, magical reindeer live in small herds, usually of no more than ten. At The North Pole, Santa’s reindeer stay in a barn. As such, they eat different foods. If you are planning to own a magical reindeer as a pet, then you must be prepared to feed them the appropriate foods to meet their special nutritional needs.

Their main food is, of course, carrots!

Magical reindeer loves big, orange, crunchy carrots. Each reindeer can easily go through one bag per day. They also eat hay. So, in order to properly take care of your own reindeer, you’ll need to order bales of hay and bags of carrots every month.

In addition, magical reindeer require some little extras in their diet to keep their magic levels up. Santa gives his reindeer sweet treats. For example, Christmas cookies, candy canes, and peppermints are yummy snacks for a reindeer. Plus, these sugary goodies add to their magic.


Second, be prepared for flight training

Next, because your reindeer isn’t just a regular old pet, you’ll have to exercise it in a particular way.

Dogs need walks around the block. Cats like to chase yarn and toys. In the same way, a reindeer will have to be taken out to stretch their legs. Any guesses how?

If you answered, “By taking them outside to fly” then you would be correct!

All nine of Santa’s reindeer practice flying. This prepares them to pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve every December 24. Naturally, your pet reindeer will also want to do the same. Be sure to get a strong harness. Add some bells. This will allow you to keep track of your magical reindeer as it flies through the sky!


Third, reindeer require lots of love and cuddles 

Finally, reindeer need a ton of love.

They are big, furry, and affectionate animals. Therefore, to be a wonderful reindeer owner, you’ll have to give them lots of love. This includes hugs, kisses, and scratches behind the ears.

They also prefer to live in families. Whenever possible, it’s advised to own a pair of reindeer so they can groom and play with each other.

And that’s it!

The essential Santa’Ville guide to owning and caring for your magical reindeer.



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